Many men come to the strip club to brag. They show us how many houses they own — literally they pull up photos of their properties. They tell us their salary. Or which famous people they know or have worked with — I just had one guy describe George Clooney to me in detail (his height, hair color, where he lives …) to prove to me that he really knows him. Or how they know this and that famous producer. Or how they raised so and so much money for a project … blah blah blah … In general a bragging customer is a trick. He thinks when he tells me he has money or is successful that he will be more appealing to me, and I will be willing to hang out with him and even possibly meet him outside of the club. A bragging customers is a red flag, and I quickly move on. He won’t make it rain on you not even with pennies. He’s a fake.

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