The selfish man takes what he wants

He feels entitled and without consideration just grunts

He’s in for his desperate fix

Pulling all possible tricks

He says things to win her heart

Those kind words are sharper than daggers to play heart slicing dart

Each dagger that brings him closer to his goal

Feels like a victory to him but turns her heart into blackened coal

Without the ability to walk in her shoes

He keeps kicking her till she figures out those hidden clues

One day her soft heart will harden, freeze, and turn

His selfishness beats her down and there is no return

The love and passion turns into hate

She uses her kindness only for bate

The chance she gets to tell him all

Is still his victory in the long hall

He still fills her heart with resentment and pain

The real punishment would be indifference toward his gruesome game

Love and hate are still like sister and brother

She cannot even cry about it in the arms of her mother

Once a heroin of love and light

She turned to the dark side

Because of the cruel, cowardliness knight

It’s a shameful victory for a small man like him

He destroyed something so precious that always pulled him out of his loveless swamp holding on to his limbs

Bound to let the mud of fear suffocate and suck him further in

She know she will keep living without him

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