Most relationships repeat the same drama over and over. Many women say to me, “He will never change.” And they are right, he will not change unless she will change. I think the same patterns repeats so we get a chance to recognize and identify them, and see what part we play in regards to the drama that is created. Drama is addictive. Although, it is negative excitement, it is still excitement and most people need this kind of pain in order to feel themselves and feel alive. Often, negativity and anger makes them connect to what they think is love, and it presents the chance to make up.

I believe, the key to a successful relationship is to make a conscious decision bot to buy and feed the drama. Pointing fingers is useless. Who can you change? Only you and how you react or sometimes better “not” react to other people’s patterns. And that will change your pattern.

You will be surprised what happens when you stop spinning the wheel of drama.

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