Women of all ages have asked me to help them get into dancing at a club. Initially, you think stripping is a fun, easy, lucrative profession where money just rains on you. But most of these women’s needs, that show interest in a little, secret side line profession, aren’t usually about making or even needing more money. Some of them are young and come from very wealthy households, and often dad pays for everything. Others are middle aged and either their husband provides for everything, or they hold very good jobs and would have enough money to open their own strip club, if they would want to. So why do these women ask and inquire about my help in order to fulfill their desire to dance at a club? Often, talking about it and living vicariously through me is enough, and they most likely won’t take it further but they do think further. I think, it’s mostly about whether they could do it or not. Whether they could take their clothes off on stage. Whether they would have the courage to step into the stilettos of a “real” stripper. It’s about the suspense and excitement they think is connected to stripping, yet, really it’s about the desire to find themselves, discover their boundaries hoping they have more courage than they actually do. That is a fantasy. The strip club isn’t so much. It’s a real place where life happens. It’s not that suspenseful or exciting. Once the kick of your first few stages as a virgin stripper wears off every stage is hard work, skill, determination, and stamina combined. Plus the stage performance is the easy part of stripping. It’s about 10% of what the job requires.

Women who dream about working as a stripper need a reality check. It’s not what they think it is. Especially, if they hold a day job … How are they going to work nights and keep up with their day job? Not everybody is a Jones. Stripping is not for every woman, and not every woman is made to be a stripper.

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Or watch http://vimeo.com/5974973

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