He asked me, “Jones, since the wives don’t do sex anymore and only seem to have judgement towards the sexual desires of their husbands, do you think, strippers are more sensual and feminine than women who do not work in this profession.” I told him, “I don’t know if all strippers are more sensual, but I do think if you work in this profession long enough you will get more understanding for the male way of thinking and understand their world at least a little better. And I believe if you want to be successful as a stripper you will have to make peace with the fact that men are sexual creatures and embrace your own sexuality.” But in the end, I do think all women crave sensuality and good sexuality, but often, through misunderstandings and continuous disappointments they shut the door to the world of the husbands and cut them off. Due to the fact that they are married most often both partners stay — there are financial and technical things that are bigger than the rest and holds the relationship together. However, if that paperwork would’ve not been signed I think in most cases the partners would go separate ways and look for sexual fulfillment. Maybe, if women would understand men better and men would understand women better we would all have lots of sex.

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