It seems the fathers are relieved when Mother’s Day is finally over. The husband’s feel they can never do it right, never validate the mothers of their children enough, pamper them enough, nor find the right and good enough gifts for the women who chose willingly to have their children. It is interesting that most of the pressured men are from household with the white picket fence delusion and where the pregnancies are well planned and wanted. Both partners wanted kids, the wives often wanted more kids then they have, yet, exactly these women feel their husband’s, the fathers of their children, are indebted for a lifetime if not longer.

It is interesting to me that the women who had choices feel often so resentful about their pregnancies, and they seem to feel their husband owe them forever. Women in other cultures who often don’t have a choice whether to bear children or not aren’t displaying these type of feelings. They also rarely feel they sacrificed their lives to their kids, yet, those women actually did. The “emancipated” woman though who chose freely carries lots of resentment about having kids, and Mother’s Day seems to be the day where they really take it out on all the people involved who are part of their motherhood. I wonder why? Why did these women chose to have children? And why don’t these women realize that no woman — in our modern society — bears any child for anybody else but herself.

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