He said to his daughter right in front of me, “I hope you will never become a stripper.” I wondered, “Why would it be so terrible for her to work in a strip club?” He looked at me and said, “Because stripping is dehumanizing. It is a horrible profession. If you would have a daughter would you ever want for her to work in a strip club?” I thought about it very deeply. I don’t have human children but I love my dogs just as if they were my own flesh and blood. So I imagined how I would feel about my Ellie Mae, if she would be human, working in the strip club I work at. And the man was right. I wouldn’t want my daughter to work in a strip club. But not because of the fact that she would have to dance on stage or give lap dances, more because I find the job often physically very tiring, and I don’t like the work hours. I’d prefer to dance from 9am to 5pm instead from 8pm to 2am. But then I thought about my boy Coon-hounds. What jobs could they possibly have if they were human. What if my Mickey would be a miner, working in a dusty, dark tunnel with all the risks that come with it. Or let’s say my Winslow would be a car racers, like a famous Formula 1 driver. Or Chief a surgeon digging in other people’s flesh and blood. To be honest, the strip club doesn’t sound that bad. As long as my daughter would love what she is doing, as long as she was happy doing it and it was her choice … I would actually totally be OK with it. I think, it shouldn’t be about what parents wish for their children, it should be about what makes the children happy, regardless of societies stigmas.

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