Feminists are tough women. Some of them even dress like men — in fact, there are now more and more clothing lines catering to a male look in women — and it’s all about showing the male world that women are as strong, as good if not better than men. Feminism seems so judgmental and rough to me. It’s mostly about saying “No.” About pointing out the “wrong.” About making sure nobody takes advantage of your feminine qualities, sensuality, and sexuality. Feminism seems a lot about eliminating any vulnerability. Maybe soon, parents will not just tell their son’s that boys don’t cry. They will make sure the same applies to their daughters.

To me feminism should be more about saying “Yes.” Saying “Yes” to being female. Embracing the female form, curves, sensuality, and sexuality. Because we women really hold the power when fully in touch with our feminine side. Feminism should be about saying “Yes” to what’s right for you as a woman, not to what society tells you should be right for you as a woman. Or even more important what’s wrong, because how can anybody else know what’s wrong for you. Only you know when in-tune with yourself. To me feminism is about having a choice about how you deal with your sensuality and sexuality, rather than being a victim to it. It’s about knowing what you want to do with yourself being that powerful female creature. Feminism to me is about not separating the woman inside of you from the person that you truly are.

Let’s hope, one day women will stop judging women for their choices. Let’s hope one day women will have the courage to hold together instead of pointing fingers. Let’s hope feminists discover the female power instead of knowing what’s right or wrong for women. Women should never have to aim to be, think, love, act, and behave like men. Feminism should be soft and silky, not a punch in the face. Smooth and sexy, powerful in a curvy way that nobody will be able to resist.

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