No doubt, it is easy to agree to a lap dance with a perfectly vibrant, healthy, gorgeous looking, smoothly moving pole dancer who defies gravity and takes your breath away with her stage performance. Everybody wants that girl to do a private dance for them. Of course, she is a powerful force and her energy will radiate in a lap dance.

But pole dancing, stripping is a very physically demanding profession. Athletes injure, and sometimes, a stripper is not in best physical shape. I myself have worked with injured knees, pinched nerves in my neck, shoulder pain, or severe lower back pain. Of course, this is nothing something that supports the fantasy of stripping. This is one other brutal reality of the strip club. And no one wants an injured, crippled, halfway stripper.

But sometimes, you meet a man, and he gets it. He sees the person in you and can look beyond the physical attraction. And when you can barely think of even asking him if he would want a private dance because you cannot turn your head to the right at all anymore than he might ask. And when you explain, “Well, I have a pinched nerve in my neck so my lap dance won’t be as smooth as it could be …” his compassion will surprise you, and he will say, “I still would like you to dance for me.” Sometimes, you find deep compassion in the strip club.

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