Alcohol is one of the worst drugs ever. Because it is so socially accepted and expected. You can get it anywhere without getting into trouble, and if you don’t drink you stand out as the freak. When I tell people I don’t drink they always think I am a recovering alcoholic. When I explain I am not, they think I am diabetic. If you don’t drink something has to be wrong with you. Nobody thinks something might be wrong with the people that drink, because they seem to be in the majority. Consuming alcohol seems to be the norm, and if you don’t fit the norm there will be a concern for you. When I explain to people I don’t enjoy the taste of alcohol they come up with all these fancy, sweet drink, wondering whether I tried this or that drink. They are trying to fix my problem. Yes, in fact, I am the one who has the problem. I don’t drink, and I can still talk to people in public, go on stage and perform, heck, I can even work in a strip club being completely dry. Something must be wrong with me. I can have fun without being intoxicated, even worse, I don’t long to get fucked up. I enjoy being who I am, and I seem to be free of the inhibitions that most people share when sober.

I believe, alcohol cuts your inhibitions, brings out who you really are, brings out your demon, and helps you feel what you are afraid to feel, but eventually, when you have consumed too much alcohol for too many years, when your liver is working on overdrive, your face puffs up like a sponge, and alcohol has consumed you, it will change you into someone you never wanted to be, till it destroys you fully. But first, alcohol will destroy friendships, marriages, childhoods, families, it will drown hopes and dreams, and it will make you lose all your dignity. Once that is done, it will continue to take more and more of you till it creates a demented mind, an angry attitude, and an unappealing body. Alcohol is not your friend … alcohol turns on you, even if you think you have it all in check. Think before you drink.

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