As long as pole dancers are in defense and in feud with strippers they are always going to be vulnerable to accusations of men and women. “I am not a stripper,” doesn’t cut it. You cannot tell me women aren’t craving sexuality, sensuality, and expression. They are all in this “sport” for one reason: sexual empowerment. Yet, they are in denial about the fantasy about being a stripper. Come on, if you are a pole dancer, you have dreamed about men showering you with money, performing in the dim light of a strip club, admired for your curves, sexual, sensual, irresistible, and wild. You might have even taken it a step further and participated in one of these amateur strip club events, where “regular” women get to live through this fantasy without really making a commitment to being a stripper and only dealing with the rosy side of stripping. But no, you are just a “pole dancer,” and you think by putting a disclaimer on yourself “I am NOT a stripper” you keep your slate clean. You think that good old stripper might be a dirty bitch selling her body for money, but you, exactly you, have hooked up with a stranger for a drink without even knowing his last name. I am not judging you, but stop judging me. The stigma women put on us strippers makes them pathetic. Shouldn’t we all, all of us gorgeous women, hold together and not point fingers. Shouldn’t you be able to stand up for yourself and your sexuality instead of pointing the finger on others for being sexual and sensual. In this time and age where women think they are on the way of emancipation discrimination within the female kind has never been more explicit. Stop blaming and start owning your sexual power.

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