Over the years, I have come to learn that handicap strip club customers can be a big problem. I don’t want to put all physically challenged men into the same boat but the few geriatric or paraplegic customers I have met displayed very similar character traits.

First of all, they all will tell you how harmless they are due to their handicap before they do lap dances with you. And you believe them. Because they can barely walk due to age or handicap. Then, once you get into the lap dance booth with them the horror unfolds. They are extremely aggressive and there is some sense of entitlement from their side. Like you are suppose to make up for their physical disadvantage. Additionally, they all feel like they get free passes in regards to what they tell you in the lap dance booth. Their mouth will go lose, and they will describe in detail using abstract and graphic imagery how they will go down on you, why they are better than any other guy at oral sex, and how they would sexually satisfy you, and most of these men who are ancient will justify that they are better at sexual practices due to their age. Now these guys can barely walk into the lap dance booth, but once in that cushinoy chair they are like wolves dress in sheep skin.

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