I see a young, heavy set boy come into the club. I can tell right away he has an attitude and is full of himself. There is nobody else there yet I could talk to so I think to myself I am going to find out what his story is. He’s very chatty and suggests right away to go sit in one of the more comfortable, secluded booths after he orders his drink. Not that I drink anyways, but I note that he never even offers to buy me a drink. As we sit down he immediately starts pouring out his story. How he’s had a tough life and never thought he would make it, but now he’s set for life being a partner at BigShotCompany while he flashes his brand new Rolex at me. I can tell he wants me to see his watch, so I say, “Oh wow, what a nice watch you got there.” He clarifies, “It’s a Rolex. This watch is worth over $4,000. But you cannot touch my watch. I don’t like anybody touching it. I actually prefer not wearing it. That way it stays new, but I made an exception tonight.” Not that I wanted to touch his stupid watch. I just nod and keep listening to how much money he’s making making now and what five star hotel he’s staying at blah blah blah. I say to him, “Well, you are certainly a young lucky man to have found such a great business opportunity. You are what? Like 21?” He corrects me, “I just turned 22.” And then he cuts to the chase in his Latin accent, “So what? You cannot sit on my lap? Where are the lap dances done here?” I explain, “The lap dance area is right back there, and no I cannot sit on your lap.” Him, “Why can you not sit on my lap? I don’t understand because when I go to Mexico there are these big clubs there, and I can get like everything there, you know.” I say, “Well, we are in LA, and there are certain codes of conduct that we must follow.” Him, “But in Mexico I can get like a blow job for like $25, and I can pick any girl, so you cannot even sit on my lap? I can get like everything in Mexico.” As I stand up to excuse myself I tell the young cocky rooster boy, “I am sure you can get everything you want and more in Mexico.”

Typically, it’s believed what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico. But, STDs do not respect borders.

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