It is interesting to watch and hear men at the club especially when they are attracted to a dancer. Men — although, known as the sex of fewer words — will get very talkative, and they say interesting things to catch our attention. They will brag about how much money they earn, what businesses or properties they own, and they will try to proof to you how successful and worthy they are. On top of that, they will also tell you how much they love you, that they even feel like you are the one, that they want to get to know you better, that they really feel we have a special connection, heck, they will even plan a future with you. In their defense, they are often under the influence. Some of the married men will suggest that they come and see you weekly as their decompressing night of the week, justifying how stressed they are, or how much they need female attention. They will say these things before and after lap dances. And that is exactly what strikes me as so strange. I mean before the lap dances I get it … kind of. They probably think if they promise you things and confess their love that you are willing to give them more pleasure … but a lap dance is a lap dance … there are rules to it attached, and it is a business arrangement and there is nothing to bargain about. Lap dance is lap dance. However, sometimes, especially when married men say all these things after a lap dance I wonder if it is their unleashes subconsciousness speaking. Suppressed in their daily life only listening to their brain once unleashed the truth reveals and their deep desires for everything they feel they shouldn’t do or have surfaces.

In the end, it doesn’t matter. None of them follow though with what they were saying. The next day, they go back to their “to-do list life,” and what happened the night before becomes suppressed reminding them painfully that they wish to be alive, yet, they only allow an escape once in a while.

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