Yesterday morning, I was listening to this radio show about stay at home moms. The radio host explained, “Stay at home moms sacrifice their own dreams and aspirations. They make lunches, drives their kids to school, they are nannies … How much value should you put on their work?” I heard many stay at home moms call in. All of them sounded angry and bitter. Some of them thought they should earn at least $100,000 a year … most of them valued their work to about $200,000 per year. Instead of reporting what their daily chores were they all complained and nagged about it. They all felt they had the hardest job in the world, and non of them seemed happy or joyful about what they were doing. None of them seemed thankful either for their husbands who went to work and earned enough money so they could be stay at home moms. Instead, some of them complained about the fact that they prepared their husbands lunch as well. They all sounded like they had an army of kids, yet, none of them had more than two children.

The show made me think a lot. About my mom who was a stay at home mom. She didn’t just pack lunch for my sister, my dad, and me. She also prepared breakfast, snacks, and dinners for us (always warm meals that included desserts — my favorite part of the meals), baked cakes and cooked puddings, did all the laundry, cleaning, any house work, helped my sister and me with homework, took us to school (she didn’t have a car so she walked us to the school — it was a 45 minute walk one way) and then wrote her bicycle to go shopping and home to cook for us to then just pick us back up from school. My mom was always there for us, she played with us the most amazing games (I loved the witch game where she was hiding, and we had to find her, and then she hunted us through the entire house till she caught us to then just tickle us till we were exhausted from laughing), listened and guided us through all our troubles and sadness, and I really can say I had the most amazing childhood. My mother did “sacrifice” her career for us but she did it by choice. She wanted us and raised us feeling wanted every minute she spent with us. I never remembered my mom feeling resentful or bitter about being a stay at home mom. She wanted to be there. Everything she did was priceless. Most importantly, her attitude towards being a stay at home mom was priceless. I wonder why women now a days have to put a monetary amount on raising their children. Most women in the USA aren’t forced to have children. In this day and age, in the USA childbirth is mostly a choice. I don’t understand what the big deal is.

It seems to me it would be the same if I would start complaining about having to take care of my dogs, having to walk and feed them, clean their ears, brush their teeth, give them baths, wash their beds, take them to the vet, and clean up after them. Yet, I chose to adopt these dogs. The only difference is that they aren’t my own flesh and blood, yet, I enjoy everything I “have” to do for them. They are my fury children, and they give me much joy, happiness, and pride. How come these stay at home moms are so miserable taking care of their own children? And why didn’t they think about what having children means before they had them?

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