I walk up to a young man who came in with a group of three other guys and a Woman. As I introduce myself to him he immediately tells me in a very defensive tone, “I don’t want sex. I don’t want anything from you.” I think this is a very interesting assumption from his side, and I try to educate him, “And you cannot get sex here. Prostitution is illegal. Otherwise we’ll both end up in jail.” He again repeats, “But I don’t want sex.” Now I had it, and I tell him, “Well, what do you think? In case I would want to have sex with you I would’ve torn off your clothes already and jumped you? I am a dancer, an entertainer, not a prostitute, and I am not interested in having sex with you.” So he asks, “So your job is to talk to guys? How much do you get paid?” I tell him as I walk away, “I am an independent contractor, and I don’t have to talk to anybody.” As I take a seat next to the bar ignoring him, he constantly keeps looking at me. You can tell it’s bothering him that I am not talking to him anymore. I watch him and his pals check out each dancer on stage without tipping a single dollar. He is another one of those who thinks he deserves to be entertained for free no matter how rude and ignorant he is.

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