Customer stumbles into the club. He is disoriented and is looking for the restroom. I can tell by his behavior that he’s an out-of-towner and has not visited my club before. When he comes out of the restroom he walks straight up to me and says, “I am from Texas visiting LA for business. Where can I hang out and have a drink?” I say, “Well, this is a bar. You can hang out here. The drinks are good, and this is a fun bar.” Him,”No, I mean I want to go to a place where I can meet real women. I don’t want women who can give lap dances.” I ask the bar tender to tell him about other bars where he can find “real women,” because since I don’t go out much and don’t drink I wouldn’t know. This is another incidence that I have encountered during my career as a stripper that confirms that we strippers must be the third kind. Mr. TexasMeetsRealWomen just used my club to dump a load and insulted me while getting a free tour guide on LA’s hot spots. He didn’t even tip the bar tender a penny.

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