I overheard her complaining to another dancer in the dressing room, “I have been sober for years now but nobody believes me. They say I look like a drug addict. They say to me you cannot work as a stripper and ever be sober. They cannot imagine that I can do this job without using. But I am sober and it frustrates me to be constantly falsely accused.” It’s true. Society doesn’t like to think of a sober stripper, because society wants us all to be fucked up so we fit rightfully into the niche of outcast. The customers don’t want us to be sober either. Men want to party with us (so they don’t feel so bad about being fucked up themselves), they try to get us drunk and high because they think their chances of getting laid increase with an intoxicated stripper, and the customers even hope we can sell them drugs. If you are a stripper you must be a user. Who can do this job sober? She can, and I can (I have never been drunk, stoned, or high in my entire life), and if there are two of us then there are more of us out there. Just nobody wants to see us because we don’t fit the stigma they want to put on us. Why do people always have to judge what they know nothing about?

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