Ladies, here are a few tips on how to communicate with men efficiently:

1. Don’t ask questions, instead offer solutions

2. Don’t beat around the bush or drop hints. They will not figure it out. Be brutally honest and straight forward. If you feel it’s rude, he is probably just going to love the directness.

3. Men like to be in charge but cannot make decisions. Decide for him.

4. If you need a favor ask him when he is in pre-ejaculation mode. Never ask right after sex.

5. Keep sentences short and to the point. Try to avoid long run on sentences and blocks of information. His brain can only absorb a limited amount of direction.

6. Try to avoid criticism, instead try positive reinforcement and Pavlovian conditioning. Men are result oriented and their thoughts are guided by instinct and not so much by intellect or emotion.

&. Do not lose your patience or blow up. Try feeding him bits and pieces one day at a time in order to condition him.

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