Strip club relationship are usually fun and easy — because I choose my customers. I am not forced to talk to anybody, dance for anybody, or do anything for anybody I don’t want to do. With new customers you feel them out and if you like them you spend a fun night together. If they are not your thing you just walk away. But most likely you will find during a shift a guy you have a good time with. I enjoy good conversation and meeting new people. I also enjoy to watch people and see how they react to certain scenarios. The club is an interesting playground and you meet people from all walks of life.

With regular customers a relationship is established. You care for them, and you enjoy their company. I look even forward to seeing them when they announce their visit.

But every strip club relationship has clear boundaries. That’s why they are much simpler than real life relationships. There is no entanglement. It is what it is. I am the stripper, he is the customer. It’s nice when things are simple in life.

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