When you get ready for your shift at the club you don’t just put on your makeup, paint your nails, style your hair, and groom every little inch of your body. The most important part about getting ready for you shift is to slide on your invisible boxing gloves and your invisible stripper armor. During a shift at the club — especially if you are good at what you do — you will be confronted and attacked from all sorts of sides. It’s not so much the customers that present you with a problem (although, there can be tricky ones), it’s more your jealous co-strippers and power seeking strip club employees that keep you on your feet. Just like in a pack of wild wolves people will test your boundaries to the max. The trick is to fight back in a classy way, not let it effect you when you get hit with the evil eye, and show people that they cannot fuck with you, because you are not going to take their shit, let their little power games effect your performance, nor invade your comfort zone. The strip club is a fun but also tough jungle that takes skill and experience to navigate. Only the fittest survive.

Jonesing for more? http://www.amazon.com/dp/1257802860/ref=dra_a_rv_ss_ho_it_P1400_1000?tag=dradis-20

Or watch http://vimeo.com/5974973

Or click on https://www.amazon.com/author/aajones

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