There are three types of dancers in a strip club:
1. The girl who cannot dance on stage but is good working the floor and does know how to get lap dances.

2. The girls who is a good performer but cannot work the floor and rarely does a private dance.

3. The girl — and she’s rare — who knows how to perform and how to get private dances.

Girl number three is most hated by the rest of the dancers because she really knows how to feature herself on stage (basically using the stage for advertisement), and the men love her because she knows how to talk to them, understands them, and can connect with the customers. If you are girl number three then you will have an army of strippers scheming against you, trying to get you fired, plotting how to get the DJ to skip you on stage, and trying to get you into trouble. If girl number one and number two would spend as much time and energy on improving their skills as they spend on sabotaging girl number three, we would have more high end strippers and strip clubs would become places of higher reputation.

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