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She is in her twenties, and she has been training with me on the pole for months now. Her progress in just such a short amount of time has been mind blowing. Her body is young, and she has no recovery. Her flexibility is improving with every breath she takes, and she has mastered pole tricks I would never even dream of attempting. I have taught her ticks I cannot even mark on the pole. My injuries and physical restrictions won’t allow me to, but I can coach, I know how to break a trick down and how to teach it.

She had never seen me perform, and one night, she said she would come to the club, along with a few other students of mine, to see me, their teacher, perform. The stage is mine, and I do not know stage fright. I love taking the stage, and the stage loves me. But when you know, your precious students, who look up to you and have taken instructions from you for months or even years, trusting you to guide them and teach them not just how to move but also how to express with their movement, then the pressure is up. You wonder whether you can get to them. You wonder, if what you have been teaching for so many years, will translate in your own performance.

So that night, when my precious students sat right there in front of the railing when I took the stage in my eight inch stilettos I made a promise to myself: I would dance for them, I would dance my soles off … selflessly, leaving my ego behind, not trying to proof that I am the best but trying to be me, feel me, be true to me, and show me for their enjoyment in the hope I would touch them.

When my song came on, I closed my eyes to feel me, feel the music, feel the beat of the music to let it take me, and let it move my slender body … raw and honest, vulnerable and strong, happy and endlessly sad, honest and irresistibly sexual, sensual, candid, fierce, yet, gentle … allowing myself to be me in front of my friends, who are often your biggest judge, because they have trusted you to give them a piece of your knowledge to turn them into great performers. That night on stage, I hadn’t promised enough. I danced my soles off, literally, both soles of my stilettos blew off during my performance. It was a hazard, and it felt as if the stage floor was sticking to my stilettos, yet, it was the other way around. I was so caught up in my performance I didn’t even notice what happened and neither did anyone else. I just couldn’t let this distract me from my mission. But when I finished dancing on stage, and I collected my money along with the soles of my shoes it dawned on me … I had danced my soles off … and my soul out …

When I stepped off stage the young pole dancing student said to me, “Jones, this was great! You are amazing. And your pole tricks are breath taking.” She seemed to not have noticed that my tricks are nothing compared to her tricks, and I told her, “I am not that great …” But she interrupted and said, “Yes, you are. You are mesmerizing. When you step on stage everybody in the room stops. You are amazing.” And I explained to her teaching her the most important piece of a performance, “You have much better and more impressive pole tricks than I do. But I think what mesmerized you is to see me do what I truly love doing. I can stop people because I am in love with what I do. I love to dance, I love to perform, and that is what got to you. That is what blinded you to not see how simple my performance was, because you saw me, turning myself inside out. That is what makes my night, when I can reach my audience being me. People will always watch a woman in love filled with passion.”

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