A wise man told me a story, “When my son turned 13 he cried to me because he felt he now wasn’t supposed to play with toys anymore. After all, he was a teenager now. But I told him he could play with toys for as long as he wanted to and felt the urge to play. And I revealed my secret to him. I myself was only 16 … so he had only 3 years to catch up to me.” I never felt age could define me. I never felt because I was a certain age I shouldn’t do certain things anymore. The only thing that might have changed with age is that it is harder to find play partners because people are so inhibited and affected by the standards that society sets. I feel limitless, yet, throughout the years I have learned which play I seem to be enjoying the most, and how to get other adults to play with me despite their inhibitions: I play harder, louder, even less inhibited till they just cannot resist jumping on my moving wagon of play to join me. Limitless, free, discovering the seed of child inside of them that will always lay dormant inside each of us till we give it permission to sprout, grow, and eventually bloom. Will you play today?

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