Pole dancing is steadily gaining popularity, and women from all walks of life are flooding the pole dancing studios. They even take it a step further. They fulfill their fantasy of performing, stripping on stage, yet, none of these women will call themselves a stripper, exotic dancer, or admit the real reason why they pole dance and crave to exhibit their sensual skills. No matter what you tell me and which reasons you list, but in the end, women pole dance and strip because there is something missing in their lives. That little missing link makes them go out and do the unimaginable: they become consumed creating their identity as a pole dancer camouflaging their little adventure into the world of strippers and even whores, justifying that they are only claiming their sexual power and since they do not get paid for their dancing (instead they spend a lot of money on dance lessons, they pay to perform, they buy the most extravagant costumes and shoes) pioneers of the pole dancing industry teach them that it’s OK to dress like sluts, dance like strippers, and own their sexual power like whores do. Yet, there is still something missing. The missing link of these housewives, lawyers, doctors, mothers, teachers, nurses, or whatever their professions are is simple: sex. Deep down these women crave being sexual, and pole dancing as well as floor work stripper moves give them technical tools to pretend their sexuality without having the courage to actually be sexual, live sexual, own their sexual power. No successful, confident stripper or prostitute will perform for free. That is what means sexual power in general. You know you’ve got it, and for that reason you don’t just give it out for nothing. And that exact little missing link shows up in the performance of a pole dancer. If she doesn’t own her sexuality she might have better pole tricks and floor moves than an actual stripper but without her truly owning sexuality the performance will be flat and turn quickly into an empty shell on stage, which makes the audience lose interest very quickly. Being sexy and trying hard to be sexy by pretending and stepping into a fake character are two very different things. But as long as there is justification and excuses (“I just do it for the exercise”) for a deep desire and craving there is no way to reach deep enough to actually be it and live it. It’s time for women to come clean and stop pretending and start living their fantasies. We all want to be good a sex, why make such a big deal out of it trying to deny it. Why point fingers at those that obviously get paid for it when the quiet house wife gets even paid for pity sex she doesn’t even like having with her husband who pays for her “pretend pole dancing lessons” being an executive at a near by studio.

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