The club has helped me understand men more and more. There are many good men out there but they are confused by how we women communicate, and men have often difficulties expressing how they feel. We women seem to be magical creature that speak a language of secret codes that overwhelm men and put them often in a state of paralysis where they don’t know how to approach or what to do, so instead they withdraw in their man cave. I suspect this is a shift in male confidence that happened over the years caused by miss-emancipation of the female kind becoming more and more aggressive and pushing to be and think like men. Also women honoring  men less and less and thinking they can get by without them easily. And no doubt, we women don’t need men, but life without men wouldn’t be fun, exciting, transforming, or interesting. It seems though evolution is pushing for role reversal, where women start courting and pursuing men instead of the other way around. That of course would lead to more confusion and make the vicious cycle spin even faster.

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