Most people think, strippers are men hating, abused, women, who despise their profession but have no choice since they cannot do anything else to make a living. It seems we must be bitter and running out of choices to be forced into stripping. And yes, like in every profession there are good and bad sides to everything. However, working as a dancer does not always have to be dreadful. Of course, I cannot speak for other strippers, but I can have a blast with customers. I have nights at the club that are truly enchanting. I meet all sorts of people from around the world at the club, and female as well as male customers can show their appreciation for pole art and skillful dancing and expression. I hear stories I would never hear anywhere else, and I get an insight into the male world you can only get as a stripper. Many ask me, “If you would know what you know now, would you have ever pursued your career as a stripper?” And I can honestly answer, “Yes, I would’ve. The growth and experience has been tremendous, and I continue to grow and learn more with every step I take in my eight inch stiletto shoes.”

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