One of the customer’s wondered the other night, “Jones, some of the dancers don’t even make an attempt to talk to the customers or ask for lap dances. It doesn’t make sense. What’s their deal?” I explained, “Working in a strip club seems like such a simple arrangement. But in truth, it is actually very complicated. Asking a customer for a lap dances entails one of the most common fears of human kind: rejection. Most likely the man will reject you. There are many reasons for being rejected, but as a woman it is easy to take it personal. You think he doesn’t like your figure. You are too thin, too thick, too short, too tall. Your boobs are too small or too large, your butt too saggy, too big, too round, or too sloppy. Your thighs not toned enough or too muscular. Your outfit isn’t appealing, he doesn’t like your hair, your yes are too big, and your nose too small … Your self-consciousness can literally go on a rampage. It takes much self-confidence, strength, and understanding of the male psychology to survive the maze of rejection, stay detached, and never take anything personal. Stripping takes much more than just taking your clothes off. Stripping is a permanent test about yourself and how much you are in love with yourself. Only the fittest survive.”

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