No doubt, if you know how to connect to men, if you are a skilled listener, and if you have an ounce of brain the strip club will give you insight into human psychology, it will teach you to learn how men think, and will give you insights that regular women will never experience.

I get daily text and phone calls from women who want my insights, who want to get my advice, and almost feel entitled when it comes to my counseling. These women don’t even bother to pretend to be slightly interested in a friendship with me. They don’t even ask superficially before they try to dump their relationship drama on me, “Hi Jones, how are you doing today?” They feel entitled that a low class stripper should help them fix their lives, gives them secrets they cannot figure out on their own, and help them deal with what they would pay a therapist to just listen to. Repeated requests have made me think to open my own counseling service. After all, I am the men whisperer!


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