I remember, some of my customers who eventually became my regular, would go completely overboard when I first met them at the club. One of them, would write me endless letters, first explaining how much his wife hurt him by cheating on him with her fitness trainer, and then he would go onto scenarios about the things he would want to do with me like going to “Trashy Lingerie” and dressing up for role play … The problem revealing his sexual fantasies was that he had no idea what I am into, just assuming I would like what turns him on. Then often, at the end of the letter, some kind of hint would slip out that he was trying to get back together with his wife and really trying to hook up with me was just payback time.

Another regular of mine send me long, very long letters about why he thinks I would be his perfect mistress justifying that his wife, since on antidepressants, had no sex drive and would be OK with him having a mistress as long as she wouldn’t know about it. If he would’ve said it like that I would’ve probably not thought that much but his detailed descriptions about the sexual challenges that they were facing in their marriage was really inappropriate and creepy. His persistent dinner invitations and anger outbursts via email and in person when I declined concerned me as well and even if I would’ve had the slightest interest in him that alone raised the red flag.

Most men do not understand that we strippers are women who have preferences and choose our sexual partners according to our taste, chemistry, and attraction. They think, if they are interested and attracted to us then those feelings are mutual.

I do not judge these men upon their needs and assumptions, and I can see what they are looking for but at the same time, their urges and needed fixes will not make me change how I feel about them: I care about them, I listen, I will even read their long, daunting, over the top pleading letters … I might offer advice, and I will be their girl during my shift at the strip club. But that’s it. They are my customers!

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