The Darwin-Award honors people who have managed to improve the human gene pool by eliminating themselves out of it through moronic actions. Just to give you an example, one of the nominee is a terrorist who send out a letter bomb without enough postage on it, and when the letter was returned — for whatever reason — he opened it.

Interestingly enough, nearly 90 percent of the Darwin-Award nominees are men. For example, out of 318 cases, 282 men were afflicted and only 36 women. Scientist cannot pin down why men seem to be more prone to stupid actions than women. But as a stripper, I think it’s obvious why we have so many male Darwin-Award winners: men are much more impulsive then women and seems to be reluctant to think about the consequences of their actions. They rather see what happens after their actions, and in some cases, it leads to improving the gene pool by self-elimination. Doesn’t make sense with what evolution has planned for men — which is to spread their seed. But seems to do society a good service.

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