Men love unpredictable women who cannot make up their mind. When a woman acts scolding hot in one moment, yet, ice cold in another it seems to keep him really on his feet. When she says, she will call him tomorrow but takes three days to get back to him he really gets into chasing mode. When she blows him off last minute he’s eager to get another date set up ASAP. However, if she’s reliable, accountable, and lives up to her word he’s not that much interested. First of all, a reliable woman presents a permanent threat to him and triggers his biggest issue: fear of commitment. And of course, a predictable woman is an easy catch and not much chasing needs to happen in order to win her over. She is easier to read then the one who is unpredictable and changes her mind the way a flag changes direction according to the wind.

However, what turns him on will surely turn her off. Women enjoy security and “the catch me if you can game” doesn’t work for very long. When we see a man cannot hold his word and doesn’t live up to his promises we frankly get bored. If you like someone a lot you go through a hurting phase first, but eventually, sooner than later, the hurt will be replaced with boredom, because men who cannot commit are actually very predictable, and their motives sometimes trigger big chuckles in emotionally mature women.

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