Women all over the world are affected by the trend of altering their body, and of course, the strip club is no exception. Our bodies are our temples. We sell our skin and our assets on stage. It is even still common in many tribes around the world to artificially enhance your body, pierce in places where I cannot imagine to be pierced, stretch your neck and tattoo the entire body to increase your value and show your status. And the Western world has taken this supposedly enhancing stuff into an entire new form of business. Tattoo shops are thriving, piercings are becoming the norm, dental implants and veneers are common, boobs are enhanced and lifted, so are butts and even knees, fat is moved from one place to the other, or eliminated, noses are  … the list of possible procedures is endless and unimaginable for my brain.

Of course, the dancers in the strip club aren’t spared by the movement of the world. It starts usually with tattoos,  boobs, or teeth, and then the list of artificially “improvements”the body goes on and on. In some cases, the dancers are dancers in order to pay for their endless plastic surgeries. After all, standing out and being special, being different means everything and all in the club. We all want to catch the customers eyes by standing out, being different from the other girls, being better, unique, being more beautiful, and by making sure no one can copy or imitate us. But nobody ever seems to be thinking that the way nature intended us to be might be the most unique, most different, beautiful, and best way to be. Instead the going trends makes women more and more insecure about what God has given them, and the desire to change it makes women go to extends that can ruin their health and lives because surgery becomes a fix, and the next fix needs to be financed somehow. Yet, I do believe, we are perfection in creation and the way God intended us to be. This is how I truly stand out, by not being surgically enhanced or tatted all over. I am plain me, and that makes me stand out.

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