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I cannot hear a thing
Wants me to grow a giant fairy wing
That would carry me far away
Into your arms where I never stray
Pressed against your simmering skin
You’re my secret and most delicious sin
Walking through the storm of dancing snowflakes
Thinking how kissing you is like eating sweet bites of different chocolate cakes
Trying to find a sunset to send you a picture of
But it’s impossible to pierce through the thick layer of foggy cloth
Fast do I ride the little horse through the dusty arena floor
Thinking how your rhythm of love makes me be who I am deep down in my core
Still silence ringing through my sensitive ears
Knowing you wipe out all my fears
The longing for you drives tears in my eyes
While I skate on the frozen lake wondering if I will break through the ice
Silence is my best friend and worst enemy
A constant reminder how I am at my best only when you are with me

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