Some men will offer all kinds of things in order to get a woman to like them. Men have offered to take me out to dinner, on shopping trips, cruises, all sorts of vacations, one of my customer’s who owns a limousine business has offered many times to take me to the airport and pick me up from the airport in one of his limousines any time I travel, and I have received gifts from customers that are very generous but often seem to me a little over the top. I rarely accept any of these offers unless I am seriously interested in the man, but I do admit I have accepted gifts that I had found inappropriate after the customer told me it would hurt his feelings if I would decline the token of his affection. Some men even say, “Don’t understand me wrong … I am not trying to buy you …,” and I think they are telling the truth, however, deep down there must be the believe that if they can weave themselves into your life then eventually they will weave themselves into your heart and bed.

Most women, on the other hand, usually accept these offers. In fact, most women have a guy who does things for them. He is the emergency handy man, travel and airport transportation, he will bring them medicine when they are sick, and he will jump in when she needs a shoulder to cry on after her boyfriend dumped her. I often hear from these men that they feel used and abused by the woman of their dreams, yet, they keep offering to be her slave. They think, one day, she will realize he is the right guy for her, and they will live happily ever after. I hate to break it to you: you cannot enslave yourself into a woman’s unwanted heart. Evolution makes her decide within 30 seconds whether you are lover material or you just have handy man potential. And don’t blame these women for using and abusing your generosity. Because it’s just smart for a woman to accept an offer when it makes her life easier, and maybe, I need to learn to cultivate a few handy men as well. It would surely make my lonely stripper life easier. Not to mention, handy man types are very pushy and persistent, and won’t take “No” for an answer. I guess it proves once more that men want what they cannot have.

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