My mother had reported to me on the phone that my eleven year old niece, who I had never met in person yet, had said to her, “Joneseee and I are so the same. We both love animals, and we like adventures, and horse back riding. Except that Joneseee is skinny, and I am fat.” When I heard this it made me very sad, but it also made me very eager go and visit my niece in Europe so I could tell her something very important every child should hear, “You can be anything you want to be. You can be thin or fat, you can be any size you wish to be, that all depends just on your goal and discipline.  You have a choice, but no matter what size you are, it won’t limit you or take away from your ability or beauty.  Some of the bigger girls that train with me on the pole are so much stronger and so much more flexible than I am. Our body shape doesn’t limit you. The only thing that limits you is the limitation you set in your own thoughts. But you can do and be whatever you want to be.” Of course, I wish I could tell her too that the men in the strip club sometimes prefer a rounder girl over a skinny girl. But I cannot tell an eleven year old that I work in a strip club, and I cannot tell her mother or my parents that I work in a strip club. People are judgmental of what they don’t know. So I will not let my parents know that their daughter, the woman who they are very proud off, who is the only one in the family who has her shit together, is a stripper by night.

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