I have heard this sentence many times this month, “I can’t wait for the year to be over.” 2014 was worth shit, right? Let’s quickly move on and look forward to the New Year. Let’s get our hopes up and see if 2015 will deliver better things. Just like many people — when looking back — they cannot wait to move and get out of the damn city, or cannot wait to sign the divorce papers because that spouse was a moron in all aspects, and we also cannot wait to dump those stupid, annoying friends and replace them with new ones, and even if the dog is too old some people dump it at the shelter to start fresh with a new puppy. More fun, better success, real love, and more money are expected to lay in the future and let’s quickly forget about the old stuff, let’s move on as fast as possible. But have you noticed that with the beginning of the New Year, or a new relationship, or another city to live in nothing internally really changes unless you can appreciate and see all the important lessons that those old, shitty experiences brought you? Maybe, being so driven to move on isn’t really the solution. Of course, we all want progress but there is no progress if you just simply aren’t able to acknowledge all the wonderful challenges and opportunities for change that the old offered you. So tonight, I look back at 2014, and I can be very happy about the growth I have achieved through some of the painful experiences that I was able to face. God, I have learned so much, I have learned to stand up for myself, I have become even stronger, I have come a little closer to being the best person that I can be, and I am thankful for everything I conquered, and I don’t want those experiences to go away or forget them. It was good, not easy, but I feel fortunate to have made it through … And I am looking forward to continue my journey with myself … In good times and in bad, in health and in sickness, till death do me part. I wish you all a wonderful, insightful transition into 2015.

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