It looks so charming and sweet. I pass these perfectly decorated houses with the seemingly wonderful Holiday spirit every morning. But behind that white picket fence every family is dealing with their Grinch, yet, every family is making sure they hide their beast with all their might. Shit is brewing everywhere but instead of focusing on their own troubles they point fingers on us, the strippers, sex workers, the people that don’t fit, the outcast. Yet, they treat each other with an amount of disrespect I wouldn’t even treat my worst enemy with. The one wife just threw her husband out of their newly remodeled mansion, and the other couple only meets for family celebrations and their kids birthdays, but it all looks so clean. The one lady is obsessed with her weight loss and anti-depressants while her husband hasn’t even given her a plain, simple hug in many years, and the other couple basically lives without ever exchanging a meaningful word, but they still look like a nice couple when dressed up and ready to go to a Christmas party to pretend the “till death do us part” thing. Secretly, most of them wish they could kill each other … and in the end, they kind of do kill each other. Not by shooting or stabbing but by rotting behind their white picket fence in their nicely decorated houses, hiding and denying the beasts they have become over the years.

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