People go crazy over buying gifts, decorating their home, and property, and maybe there is even a silent “whose going to have the bigger Holiday experience” going on. Then, after everything is perfect and it can be presented to family and friends people will choose to numb themselves with bad foods and beverages. Especially, during the Holidays there is not much time for sensuality, not to mention sexuality. It’s all about getting things done and at the end of the day you are too tired, or too full, or too drunk to connect with your partner. I wonder, what would happen if people would consciously decide to make the Holidays about human relations and interacting in a loving way with their loved ones. I wonder, what would happen if the shopping madness wouldn’t take all their time and if people would decide to use the Holidays to get fitter instead of fatter. I wonder how the world would feel in January if people would allow themselves to connect to each other, hold hands again, and start having conversations during dinner instead of watching TV. I wonder how nice it would be if you would become the primary gift to your loved ones instead of wondering how much money you should spend on their gift certificate to make sure it’s not less or more than what they spend on your gift. As a stripper, as a woman, as a human being I wonder about many things …

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