We strippers are most likely the most chased women on earth. Men really want what they cannot have, so they keep pursuing us, trying to inch themselves deeper into our hearts. The most asked question from men I hear in the club is, “What’s your real name?” A man thinks once a dancer trusts him enough to reveal her given name to him then he’s closer to getting … you know where … I don’t understand what the big deal is about finding out someone’s birth name. Wouldn’t you rather know and perhaps (in case you are interested in this person) analyze the name that a person has chosen for themselves as a stage name than knowing which name their parents chose for her. Your chosen name seems to matter to me so much more than what my parents chose for me. Not to mention there are plenty of men out there that know my given name but I would still never sleep with them. Getting a stripper’s “real” name means nothing, except that the guy feels it’s a trophy he can carry away that sets him higher on his chances to get into a stripper’s pants. There is indeed a fantasy world around the strip club, but most of it is created by the imagination of its customers.

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