You would think that modern technology has made it so much easier to connect to your partner and spice up things, but it seems the instant and convenient way of the possibility to connect has made us disconnect even more. It would be so easy to do something nice for your partner in a simple text or email, yet, these tools are mostly used to command your long term partner around and tell them what they need to do for you or which items to bring home. In this communication often even a simple polite greeting is dropped and most people cut right to the chase. Think about it, if you would text and email your partner how you would text someone you just fell in love with, how would your wording and focus change. Now a days you can send sweetness, encouraging words, support, and love instantly. Letters take 3-7 days to receive and cost a lot more than just a little sweet love note that will be received by just simply hitting the sent button. Say something nice today to the person you love the most.

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