There seems to be a misconception about love, and how it’s suppose to be experienced. Most people assume their partner experiences love the way they experience and express it, yet, how we show love and experience love depends highly on the programs and the conditioning we grew up with. Then of course, previous relationships, disappointments, and rituals have an additional effect on how you deal with love. We assume when a partner does something or most importantly doesn’t do something that there is always a reason for it. But each individual has a different ways of expressing love and feeling loved. I think the two most important question most people do not ask in a relationship are:

1.) How do you express love?

2.) What makes you feel loved?

Instead people keep telling their partner what he/she is doing wrong and does not give them. Yet, it would be so much easier to deliver a positive formula. Only when each party knows what the other person needs to feel loved and does to show love a relationship can head into a direction. Communication is key to a successful love life.

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