Part of my job as a strippers includes listening to customers. Women and men come to the strip club to talk about the things they cannot talk to their friends and family about. Here they feel safe to unload no matter how bizarre and awkward their situation is. After all, we are only strippers, but have most likely dealt with more relationship scenarios than most therapists.

Many men come in to discuss their marriage or dating issues, yet, often I feel they really don’t want to hear what seems so obvious from an outside perspective. When a man tells me his wife drinks regularly and cannot even keep up with taking care of the kids then I say there is a serious drug issue contaminating the family and he should have an intervention and demand rehab. All of a sudden, the story changes. The wife now only drinks occasionally. And things aren’t that bad at all. Or when a guy can’t get a girl to agree to go on a date with him, and I say, “She doesn’t want to date you.” Then he defends her and says, “She’s just bad at time management.” There are countless of stories like that and countless of excuses. People cannot stand seeing the truth and are too comfortable in misery to have the courage to wake up and change something. Sooner than later, life will wake you, it’s just a matter of time, then you will have to face the truth whether you like to accept that fact or not.

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