During the Holidays, I take care of many more pets than on a regular basis. These are not the dogs and cats of my regular clients, these are often random people that hire me to take care of their beloved pets just a few days here and there. Most of these people think that because they find their own pet so precious they are doing me a favor allowing me to take care of their animal. It seems that they do not understand — although, I love animals — that taking care of their untrained dog who is pulling on the leash and has never learned basic manors or scooping their cats poop out of the litter box isn’t exactly a pleasuring experience. Often, they get upset when I tell them what I charge for certain services — and I am way cheaper than the big mass pet services — and they try to bargain with me and start sending me cute pictures of their pets in order to win my heart over to possibly take care of their animal for free. They also start telling me about their financial problems and how much money they just spent on vet bills, or their kitchen remodel, and so on. They don’t understand that taking care of pets is how I feed my family and make a living. Imagine how they would react if their employer would ask them to come in for free from now on, just because it’s so much fun to spend time with their nice colleagues.

The work at the strip club is no different. Many customers think that because I enjoy and like my job I shouldn’t be reimbursed for it and I owe them for spending time with me. They also tell me, “I would tip you, but we just spend so much money on Christmas decoration so I am short on cash.” The reasons why they cannot tip us strippers are endless. Many wives think we owe them for lending us their often deranged husbands and think we steal them away from home. But we get the pennies while they get the luxury. Just because you are good at what you do and you learn to enjoy yourself no matter what doesn’t mean it’s your hobby.

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