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There is one force in the strip club that is the most powerful navigation tool ever. It rules how much men like you, pay attention to you, seek your attention, and how much money they give to you. It will determine with how much money you walk out of the club that night, and how you feel the next morning about yourself. Yes, stripping takes so much more skills than just taking your clothes off, but what ultimately determines your success during each shift has nothing to do with your looks or skills on stage. I have seen ugly girls be so much more successful strippers than gorgeous girl. It all depends on your energy and attitude you hold during a shift, and most importantly the energy you can maintain during your shift. The club is draining, the encounters are bizarre, and your work as a stripper is physically and emotionally demanding. But if you can rise above … if you manage to never forget who you are, what your mission is, and if you are determined to uplift people (yes, even in this sex driven environment where everybody just seems to look out for themselves) you will rise above, you will make a difference, and ultimately your mission will be successful. A strip club is just like the world is … the vultures are out there, they are waiting to devour you, but if you refuse to become the victim you will turn it around … Your energy determines everything … during your shift at the club, and during your entire life. Don’t ever give up your power. Superheros do not get defeated, they always get up and keep changing the world.

Photo by Leen Isabel http://poledancingadventures.com/

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