Dating now a days is very complicated. Often, women think after they have sex with a man it means that they are now in a committed relationship and exclusive. But I hear from men and women who share their dating stories with me that this is not the case. In fact, even psychologists say, “You only know you are in a committed relationship when both partners agree verbally on it.” I have to say, I do not believe this to be true. A verbal agreement as well as a written agreement does not guarantee someones feeling, loyalty, and most importantly that they have the same relationship values you have. Love is a daily decision to be with a person you truly know. Meaning you want them with all their good and bad sides. Only love makes this possible, because everybody brings so much baggage into each relationship. And unfortunately, people have different views of what a committed relationship looks like. In the end, there is no guarantee for an eternal commitment. All you can rely on is your love and strength of love for the other person. True love is a roller coaster.

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