Any time I have met one of my co-strippers outside of the club they have been much more open and friendly than during a shift at the club. It is nothing new to me that I am not very much liked at the club. In fact, it’s known that the girls hate to go on stage after me and beg the DJ not to put them up right after my set. They also call me “Stripper Killer,” since the girl that goes after me usually leaves angry before her shift is over, falls suddenly ill, or walks with little money out of the club. I am in the girls eyes high competition. They hate me, although, I am a nice person and play fair. They only talk to me when they are in despair and trust me with their deepest heartaches, yet, in regards to working with me there is only a working against me. I believe, although, we women are the stronger sex, this is what breaks our necks. Instead of collaborating, once the fear takes over the other girl might be better, prettier, smarter, more wanted … women will start sabotaging each other. I have not just experienced this in the club. I have seen it happen with modeling jobs, in my acting career, during and after photo shoots, even with people I hired to help me with technical support. To be honest, I prefer working with men, because they follow their task and the fear I might succeed when they contribute to my success never seems to be an issue. Maybe afterwards but not during the process. Men can be jealous too, but I think they are less crafty when it comes to sabotaging and more team oriented. They have to be, after all, they are the weaker sex. Men are more goal oriented, and I think it goes once more back to cave men hunting strategies. They had to work in teams, while a woman, once she discovered the best berry bush in the forest, was surely determined to keep it a secret from her fellow scavengers. And the saying, “Behind every successful man stands a strong woman,” isn’t for nothing. But I hope, one day, women will evolve and grow beyond their insecurities.

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