We are known to lead men on, promise them things to get them back into the club, give them false hopes, and in the end, we strippers just want your money. It is true, some girls play games in order to get a guy back to the club, get him to pay for lap dances, and they promise they will have dinner with him, but not tomorrow or the next day because … they are busy, broke, in trouble, and so on. Yes, strippers do occasionally lie. Not all of them, but sometimes you do have to lie. Let’s say, I rarely tell a guy I have more than one dog. Guys wouldn’t want to compete with my dogs, especially, since they know, they cannot offer me even an ounce of the unconditional love my dogs offer me. But I don’t ever make promises I am not willing to fulfill. Yet, to be honest, even if I would, would it be really so bad? Wouldn’t it be exactly what most guys do in order to get into a girls pants. I mean, the promises I have heard over the years cannot even compare to the lies that some of my co-strippers tell. Men have promised me the world — luckily I was smart enough to know it’s all bullshit — but no one accuses them of being corrupt, just wanting sex, lying, and doing anything to get what they want. The strip club is not a dating scene. It’s a ground for adult entertainment, and we strippers are not there to get laid. We are there to entertain, and whoever cannot understand that should stay away. Yes, once in a while the line is crosses and love finds you in the strip club. But it’s rare. It’s like a miracle that proves that there is an exception to every rule.

No one accuses porn stars faking that they enjoy having sex on camera, but everybody accuses us strippers of playing our role in the club to please our customers. We are there to make men feel wanted, entertain them, and have a good time with them. We are not there to tell them how we really feel about them. For that you get married.

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