In order to drive a car, a truck, or a motorcycle legally you need to go to driving school and pass a written and practical test to be allowed to operate these vehicles. Yet, when it comes to raising children nothing is required. People just have them without being aware what a responsibility and life change a child will be. I even remember talking to my mother who wished for grand children telling me that pregnancy and having a child is the most wonderful thing in life you can do. I believe my mother truly feels like this because I cannot think of anything my parents didn’t do to raise my sister and me to their best ability. My mother dedicated her life purpose to her children. But I don’t think that modern mothers feel like my mother felt. I hear all the time from mothers that they are upset about loosing their beautiful body to pregnancy, feeling they are sacrificing their life to their kids, and wishing to find purpose in life. I don’t understand what more purpose they need once they have kids. I always understood once you have children raising them should consume your life and it would make your life about them — that is one reason why I didn’t want children. I knew learning parenting skills would take much more than learning how to raise puppies, yet, often I feel I take my dogs and how I raise them more serious than most parents take it serious raising their kids. I read every book I could find on dog behavior and how to train a dog properly, took seminars and became an expert about the K9. But most parents seem clueless and just complain that their kid is trouble and goes on their nerves. Of course, nobody teaches you in school what it takes to have a child, raise it, and how it will change your life forever. Nobody teaches you how to have a family and be a good husband, wife, father, or mother. Instead our kids are drilled with physics, math, history and other subjects that once they grow into adults will most likely not help them to be better human beings, spouses, friends, or parents.

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