I have watched this movement for years now. Women fighting to say that curvy women are more desired by men than skinny women. And often there is a stigma attached to men who like skinny girls better than rounder girls. Like these men really desire to be with a man. I find this discriminating towards women as well as towards men. Who determines what should be preferred? In my experience there is a girl for every guy. I find curvy women as well as skinny women beautiful, and sometimes, I find some of the skinny or curvy girls ugly, but mostly because of their personality or lacking personality not because of their body shape. Why do rounder girl make such a big deal and hate so much on skinny girls? Why does society immediately assume a skinny girl has an eating disorder and is psychologically damaged. I myself get often accused of being anorexic, but if I would be I could never perform such athletic tricks on the pole and survive a shift at the club. Why do we even have to defend body shapes and tell each other that one body type is more preferred by men than another? Why can’t we just accept that we are all beautiful as long as we are all healthy and in love with our own body. And why can’t we admit that if we are fat, out of shape, and our BMI is way too high that we are unhealthy and killing ourselves with food? Men will still love you, no matter if you are fat or skinny, but who cares if you are killing yourself with food and unhealthy eating and drinking habits on a daily basis. Why can’t we just understand that size doesn’t matter when it comes to sexual desire, but it does matter when it comes to health and wellness. You shouldn’t worry whether men desire you more skinny or fat. You should worry about how you like yourself best and most importantly how your body feels and is at its best.

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